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H plus who we are
A strategic network of Hakuhodo/Hakuhodo DY ONE
We will "Empower Your Digital Future" across every platform, by contextualizing experiences and maximizing data utilization to uncover latent demand and realize new lifestyle preferences.
What we do

In traditional digital marketing, the pursuit of data-driven, efficient customer acquisition has led to services becoming more homogenized, limiting the potential to expand the customer base. While continuing to maximize marketing efficiency and ROI, H+ will enable sustainable growth through creating new demands and values by delivering constantly evolving, consumer-centric experiences.

H plus what we do

Our Credo


Our philosophy is to recognize individuals as people with lives, aspirations and dreams, not simply consumers with a common set of behaviors. At H+ we call this philosophy sei-katsu-sha INSIGHT.

Through an approach called InsightOUT®︎, we are able to uncover the sei-katsu-sha’s individual desires by extracting the insights which can mold their lifestyle choices of tomorrow.

H+ Solutions Title

H+ will leverage the resources of its network companies and partners to provide solutions for each of these areas.

Our Network

We form the best teams for a brand's communications needs in each country, networking with our group companies and partners.

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