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What we provide

We provide a wide range of services from consulting, data management, and operational support in the domain of CRM.

Sei-katsu-sha Insight Consulting service

Design CRM activities based on sei-katsu-sha insights.

  • Sei-katsu-sha Insight analysis
  • Market research
  • Customer data analysis
  • Customer journey discovery & design
  • Loyalty program design
  • New service development

Experience Design

Implement and design CRM measures and content that resonate with sei-katsu-sha insights.

  • CRM experience design
  • CRM contents creative
  • Touchpoint development

Data Aggregation

Integrate a diverse data set  to execute and verify the effect of CRM measures.

  • Data acquisition (1st Party)
  • Consent management & Zero-Party data management
  • Data cleansing
  • Data visualization

CRM Operation

Implement and operate CRM activities to grow relationships between the brand and sei-katsu-sha.

  • CRM contents development & operations
  • Messaging operation
  • Call center operation
  • Loyalty program operation
  • CRM data analysis


Provide support in the selection and implementation of the best technology to transform your CRM.

  • System consultation
  • Hakuhodo group original CRM tech implementation
  • 3rd party tech implementation
  • API connection with other systems
  • System development

Our teams

We form the best teams to generate personalized and interactive brand experiences for sei-katsu-sha, by connecting with our global network of group companies and partners across Asia Pacific.

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Tech Team
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CRM Creative Team
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Data Analysis Team
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Sei-katsu-sha Insight
Driven Consulting Team
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CRM Operations Team

Our Technology

We provide practical technologies to generate personalized and interactive brand experience for our clients.

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